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Procurement Management Software

Procurement Software Development Services to Enhance Your Business Processes in a Cost Effective Manner

Let innovation flow through your business infrastructure. We help in revamping your procurement processes to encourage minimal to zero errors. We aim to provide highly customizable, robust, state-of-the-art procurement software solutions for your business of all sizes and industries.

Allow innovation to permeate your company’s infrastructure. We assist in streamlining your procurement procedures to promote few to no errors. We strive to offer highly adaptable, durable, cutting-edge procurement software solutions for businesses of all sizes and in a variety of sectors.

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In the following areas, EM Procure provides best-of-breed procurement-focused solutions:

Vendor Management System

Vendor Management System

It’s a huge task to find the best providers and manage them. Our procurement software makes sure that the onboarding procedure for new vendors is as simple as possible to make things easier for the users. Through vendor login, it eliminates the time and expenses associated with data processing.

Establish a system for authorising and rating vendors in accordance with business policies

We make it simple for merchants to onboard

We are building a communication foundation for a significant supplier relationship

Smart Purchase Requisition

The purchasing process is started by purchase requisitions, which are created automatically and submitted quickly using the procurement software EM-Procure.

Several departmental clearances of PR were required.

Bulk PR raising using excel imports.

Post-approval auto-archiving of PR.

Smart Purchase Requisition

Efficient Quotation Management

The procurement software’s quotation module gives users an easy way to make vendor quote inquiries.

Request quotes from many providers with only one click.

To make decisions more quickly, automatically compare quotes and submit them to management.

A transparent approach for quoting ensures that the procurement team adheres to company quoting guidelines.

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Flawless Purchase Order

Following PR approval, the buyer issues a purchase order to the vendor outlining all the specifics of a real purchase. By automatically creating orders from authorized PRs, EM-Procure cloud procurement software greatly improves the efficiency of your PO process.

Automatic PO raising and simple email approvals.

Perfect order monitoring and PO raising at pre-set vendor prices.

Manual dependence is eliminated by built-in GST compliance.

Procurement software is a dependable partner for a business with pre-established budgets.


Goods Received Note (GRN) and Quality Checking

The ability to choose between “Receive the goods now and verify later” or “Receive and verify simultaneously in a single window.” Instant approvals are made possible by EM Procure, which also speeds the quality assessment of incoming inventory.

Automatic GRN filling and quality control.

Instantly approving GRN.

Inform the purchasing team directly of any damaged or rejected products.

Ensure your database is accurate to facilitate flawless invoicing.

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Effortless Invoice Management

A multi-functional invoice dashboard will help you process your invoices quickly and accurately to close any gaps between the items you received and the invoices you generated.

Any format invoice can be created, and GST is automatically calculated.

Integrated authorizations based on user access.

For Indian businesses, automatic debit notes and item-level TDS deduction are available.

Raise the bill without using GRN.

Hold payments made to the same vendor at the invoice level for that fiscal year.

Choose single invoice and multiple GRNs with cloud-based procurement software.

Smart Purchase Requisition

Seamless Payment Management

The simple, safe, and economical method to manage payments to your vendors is with Seamless Payment Management EM-Procure, our cutting-edge procurement software solution.

Numerous invoices are paid at once.

Real-time reminders of payment obligations

Payments made in part for invoices.

Benefits of Our Procurement Software Development Services

Efficient Procurement System
Efficient Procurement System

Our procurement software solution takes over manual procurement, automating the processes and saving on time and resources.

Smart Invoice Tracking
Smart Invoice Tracking

EM Procure stores all invoices according to date and number for quick and easy tracking. It also prevents the misplacement of important invoices.

Customized In-depth Reports
Customized In-depth Reports

Our procurement software creates in-depth reports of company's performance, the finances and trends around the market. It allows business owners to make smart decisions.

Effortless Three Way Matching
Effortless Three Way Matching

EM Procure is a procurement software that takes care of comparing your invoices, receipts and purchase orders automatically without manual intervention that may be time consuming.

Fastest Processing
Fastest Processing

Loss of productive time is caused by slow processes, protracted payment processes, poor cash flow, and invoicing mistakes. In less than 30 seconds, increase PR, PO, GRN, invoices, and payments for each activity.

Budget Management
Budget Management

It can have significant negative financial effects if you use software that does not automate or manage your spending. It might be too late if the finance department learns about this first. Our procurement software, EM-Procure, has internal validations that you may customize to keep your costs under control.

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