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Software Development Services For CRM & Logistics Inventory Management in India

The logistics industry and transportation hold a large portion of the world economy and huge potential. However, increasing freight rates and shortages of drivers and blocked warehouses are just issues that representatives of the industry have to deal with daily. Modern logistics software that is of high quality and developed by a group of experts can be used as a solution to enhance the productivity of the process of freight logistics and management of inventory. Elite Mindz is an outsource software development firm that develops solutions to simplify logistics tasks for industrial workers of all kinds.

Our List of Solutions

Inventory Management

Inventory management is an essential aspect of any retail business as every company must keep track of products or items that are likely expiring or running out. It comprehensively comes as a part of the ERP package. It records and stores details about products and also monitors the shelf life. It will notify the user when a product expires. Additionally, a modern Retail ERP system can be able to make forecasts of demand.


Customers Relationship Management (CRM) CRM is an approach businesses use to manage relationships between prospective and current customers. CRM aids businesses in streamlining processes, building confidence with customers in increasing sales, improving customer satisfaction, and creating revenue. Many companies use CRM (CRM) products and services to manage relationships with their existing and potential customers. CRM can control, organize, and coordinate branding, sales technical services, monitoring accounts and documents, evaluations, and reports. The customer is the essential element of any business, and interactions with current and potential customers are crucial for the company’s success.

Warehouse Management System

The warehouse management software is an automated tool that aids managers in simplifying the operations of the warehouse. The management team can manage the warehouse’s inventory according to a predetermined method; create invoices with various types and styles, and lower overall costs. Along with increasing the store’s efficiency, the system also allows logistics supervisors to effectively manage the ever-growing number of formats and references. Using the customized Warehouse Management Software will accelerate the storage process and effectively use all space, resources, and efficient scheduling.

Management of supply chain

A supply chain is an integral part of any sell/purchase business, and supply chain management is a must for every organization. With the growing perspective, every company must control the supply chain. Every company can benefit from effective control of its supply chain. It is designed to improve the processes throughout the supply chain to ensure that consumers receive exactly the correct product at the right time. If you’re able to fulfil your commitments and keep your promises, you’ll be more likely to gain the future business of your customers and maintain your edge in the market. Supply chain management can be thought to be efficient only when it can balance demand and supply. It must reduce amounts of wasted material produced, increase profits, decrease costs, and ensure that the product is delivered in time.

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