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Digital Marketing Packages: Right Strategies for Growing Business

Digital Marketing packages are pretty crucial for building up a proper business. There are diverse branding packages that can help any small business grow well and see the limelight. However, one cannot afford all the diverse marketing strategies available in the market. And so, they will be seeking help from a righteous source. If you are one such small business looking for some help in finding suitable digital marketing packages in India, then our company can be the one-stop solution to all your digital marketing plans pricing.

A business needs the right and robust digital marketing strategies to stay relevant in the online competitive world. Researched, and well-thought digital marketing strategies play a major in any business's online success and brand reputation. That's the reason, companies need to have performance-driven digital marketing strategies to thrive online.

Elite Mindz is a leading and award-winning digital marketing company that is offering its core services for more than a decade now. To help companies and startups succeed with digital marketing efforts, we have created the most profound digital marketing packages to suit every business. Whether you have just started your business or you need to boost your business online reputation, we have you covered. We offer multiple comprehensive digital marketing packages that you can choose from and start building your online brand with Elite Mindz.

Our digital marketing packages India cover all the inevitable marketing aspects that you need to thrive online. Explore the comprehensive digital marketing plans pricing from Elite Mindz and pick the best one.

Digital marketing plays a major role in boosting the traffic as well as rank of the business page. It is necessary to have a unique image and digital marketing support in earning a specific web presence. With our customized digital marketing packages & Pricing it is very easy to earn a unique online presence.

Growing in your business with the support of our expert professional team which is dedicated in serving according to the requirements is not much complicated as we follow proven strategies. We make sure that the website earns quality improvement in the search engine traffic and increases the sales as well as revenue.

With affordable branding packages in India, we offer amazing solutions which are customized according to the business website needs. With the successful online marketing services we offer you can make your page draw quality visitors within no time.


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Package Type




Costing (USD)







Minimum Timeframe 6 months 6 months 6 months

Initial Review and Analysis (Technical Audits)

Keyword Research 30 50 100
Duplicate Content Check
Initial Rank Report
In-depth Site Analysis
Broken link Check
Google Penalty Check
Backlink/inbound links analysis
Online reputation Check
Social Metrics Analysis
ORM Keywords Analysis for 1 KW for 2 KWs for 5 KWs
Competition Analysis
Link Building strategy
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
Google Analytics Integration
Check Mobile First Indexing Enabled
Mobile Responsiveness Check
SSL Check & Recommendations Only
AMP Check
Site Favicon Check
404 Page Creation
A/ B Experiment Testing Check & Recommendations
Heat Map Integration & Analysis
Conversion Setup
Voice Search Optimization (AI Based)
Featured Snippet Optimization
Content Optimization Upto 30 Pages Upto 50 Pages Upto 100 Pages
Title/ Meta Tags Optimization Upto 30 Pages Upto 50 Pages Upto 100 Pages
Website Page Load Optimization (Desktop)
Pages H tags optimization Upto 30 Pages Upto 50 Pages Upto 100 Pages
URL Structure optimization
Schema Mark-up Implementation
Robots.txt Creation/Analysis
Image & Hyperlink Optimization Upto 30 Pages Upto 50 Pages Upto 100 Pages
HTML & XML Sitemap
Internal Linking
Title & Meta Tags Optimization 10 Pages 20 Pages 30 Pages
Bing Webmaster Tools Set Up (if not set up)
HTML Site Map Creation
Optimization of robots.txt & Google Bot crawls
Footer Optimization
Website usability analysis
Check Header Status, Meta Robots, Google Cache of Pages
Check Mobility Issues
Custom 404 Page
URL structure Analysis
Pagination Tags Analysis
No Follow on External Links*
Html Code Analysis of Target Pages
Google My Business / Bing Local Listing 1 Location 2 locations 5 locations
NAP Syndication
Citation Building/ Local Business Listing 5 7 10
Classified Submissions 5 10 20
Coupon Distribution 2 5 10
Customer Review/Testimonial Submission 5 10 20
Local Search Engine Submission
Setting Geo Targeting in Google
KML Sitemap
Contact Address in Footer
Monthly Ads Spend up to $200 (included) up to $400 (included) up to $600 (included)
Initial Estimate Report
Landing Page Recommendation
Text Ads
Conversion Tracking
Campaign Management
PLA's/ Local Listing Ads
Landing Page Optimization
Google AdWords Management
Google Adwords Monthly Report
Social Profile Creation/Bookmarking 5 10 15
Social Media Profile Optimization 5 10 15
Facebook Account Setup
Facebook Cover Image
Facebook Timeline Design
Facebook Ads Management upto $50 (included) upto $100 (included) upto $150 (included)
Facebook Wall Updates 5 10 15
Facebook Call to Action
Targeted Page Likes 8 to 10%** 10 to 12%** 13%+**
LinkedIn Account (Personal Profile)
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
LinkedIn Company Page Creation
LinkedIn Company Page Posting
LinkedIn Company Page Images
Social Media Optimization Report
Phrases Targeted 1 3 5
Search Positions Monitored 1 to 10 1 to 20 1 to 30
Blog Posting 1 1 2
Blog Promotion 1 3 5
Company Profile Creation 5 10 15
Social Bookmarking 5 10 15
Article Posting 1 2 3
Article Promotion 5 10 15
Business Listing 5 7 10
Customer Reviews/Ratings 3 5 10
Development of Micro Sites 1 2 3
Content Promotion (Company Profiles) 5 10 15
Q&A Posting
ORM Monthly Report
Blog Writing 1 2 3
Web 2.0 Profile Creation 5 10 15
Guest Blog posting 1 2 2
Guest Blog Social Bookmarking
Forum Posting
Informational Article Writing & Submission 1 2 3
Article Social Bookmarking
Press Release Writing & Distribution 1 1
Premium PR Distribution 1
DOC / PDF Submission 1 1 2
PPT Creation + Distribution 1 1 2
Image / Pinterest Submission 2 5 8
Infographic Creation & Distribution 1 2 2
Keyword ResearchYouTube Channel Setup/ Optimization
Podcast Creations
Podcast Submissions
YouTube Channel Creation
YouTube Keyword Research
Video Title/ Description Optimization
Video Tags/ Channel Tags Optimization
Embedding Videos in Articles/Blogs
Social Sharing of Videos
Embedding/Sharing Videos on Q&A
Video Submissions
Video Marketing Monthly Report
External Blog Setup
Blog Optimization
Blog RSS Feed Submission
Blog Directory Submission
Blog Social media integration
Email, Chat, Phone
Project Management Tool Tracking

Our Services:

Our company’s prime motto is to successfully help our client’s website grow better. For this to happen, we will not only offer you with the right kind of branding packages, but will also suggest you with the best and reliable digital marketing services, which can include the following.

  • Search Engine Optimization services for E-commerce sites, mobile SEO’s, Local SEO’s and even the link building services.
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • SEO Related Development Changes

All these strategies are given to our clients as proper digital marketing packages that include SEO packages and SMO packages, Content writing and Content marketing packages, Link building and App store packages and more as affordable digital marketing pricing packages that will help our clients in uplifting their small business and will also give them a greater opportunity to grow.

Pick your Kind of Digital Marketing
Plan Pricing in India:

We have chalked out our vast source of digital marketing packages, into three categories. They include the starter, booster and premium packages. Each of them come at a different cost for a minimum timeframe of six months. All these digital marketing pricing packages primarily focus on keyword research and keyword finalization apart from the following.

  • Technical Audit
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Google Ads
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Marketing & Link Acquisition
  • Video Marketing
  • Blog Optimization

Technical Audit

Keeping an eye on the performance of every website is necessary and in order to maintain quality traffic one needs to identify the gaps. A digital technical audit helps in focusing on the correct area that requires attention. Through regular audits we can easily find and fix the issues that make the site lose visitors. Our team helps in identifying the technical problems and come up with innovative solutions that allow the website to function smoothly.

On-Page Optimization

Our team takes the duty of completing the keywords research and improving the page speed which is necessary to have good traffic. We offer various On-Page optimization services that turn the website to be visually appealing and function smoothly. Optimizing the images, creating content of wonderful quality, keeping an eye on the keywords density and many more are included in our customized digital marketing packages that are designed by our specialist teams.

Local SEO Optimization

Earning unique web presence is crucial for the success of every business website and local SEO services ensure a better chance to boost brand visibility. We offer award winning services which are necessary for better visibility of the specific website at a much affordable range of price. Our team makes sure that the web page achieves higher ranking in the search engine as it is the only way to draw revenue to the site.

Google Ads

Mostly referred to as Google AdWords this is one amazing way to market the website in digital marketing. The ad can appear in any relevant site or any app that attracts visitors. We make sure that your ecommerce site gains popularity through the Google Ads that display much about your products and services. Our team with a fair share of experience actively delivers services within no time that incredibly boost your website visibility.

Online Reputation Management

In the digital world online business image or web presence play a major role as this decides the potential of the site. Every eCommerce site needs to have a unique brand image as it is the way people witness the site and we keep offering wonderful management services. We take good care of the website's online reputation and manage it perfectly as the way people view is important for building a powerful image.

Content Marketing & Link Acquisition

There are several strategies that are helpful in gaining a unique web presence and of all content marketing is the most worthy method. With beautifully developed content it is easy to attract visitors and we deliver appropriate content that boosts your brand visibility. Apart from this our branding packages include link acquisition, which is much necessary in building an online reputation to the website. With our effective content and efficient linking, earning a good amount of audience is not very tough.

Video Marketing

Video is an interesting way to communicate with the audience and advertise much about your brand in a detailed manner. Mentioning all your products and services is easily possible using the video marketing technique to offer positive output. Video marketing is most effective when the video contains all essentials and we offer many amazing services at a much affordable price through our customized digital marketing packages. Using the marvelous services, crawling up in the search engine ranking is not complicated for the business websites.

Blog Optimization

Blogs contribute a lot in drawing high traffic to the site and is a major SEO service that attracts visitors. The blog posts with perfect stuffing of keywords definitely grabs the attention of readers and makes them visit the site. Due to this a majority of the sites looking to expand the business need to update the site with regular blog posts. We offer worthy blog optimization services that are suitable for your website needs and make sure that your web page improves the brand visibility.

End of the day all we do is to shortlist and provide you tools for your brand’s success. We provide you with creative designs, brand development, interactive designs and development needed for your growth in the cyberspace. We also provide you with a logo design and help with SEO services, content and PPC Marketing.

When every website is different from the lot, why use the same strategies….

Instead, simply start hiring us and enjoy our highly customizable packages and pricings to take a leap.

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