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Learning Management System

What is LMS?

Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application providing a framework for handling the learning process. Training material, educational courses, development programs etc., are administered, documented, tracked, reported and delivered on an LMS. The corporate sector has been using LMS for training and assessing the performance of employees. They can test the capabilities and understanding of the employees. LMS comes with an assessment feature and stores the data for the long run. Any tier of management can assess the data as per the customization. Ideally, the upper management level gets access. Businesses can achieve their objectives by utilizing Learning Management Systems accurately.

Today, LMS has become more accessible across multiple platforms such as web-based and mobile applications. Our stack of most-advanced technology makes us one of the most renowned software development companies to provide state of the art LMS solutions for organizations and educational institutes. Our highly-skilled developers deliver you with customized features and modules of the LMS. We provide the best learning management system India.

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Sectors Using Our Customized LMS (Learning Management System) Solutions:

Corporate Sector

Staff Training

Enhance the skill set and knowledge of the employees as per the organization's operations and requirements. Whether it is a new joiner or an old employee, anyone can take the training to hone new skills.

HR Assessment

HR can assign tests and assignments to the employees and assess their progress. They can also share content that can help motivate employees to perform better.

Corporate Training

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization by scheduling pieces of training for all employees to enhance interpersonal relations within departments.

Education Sector


Easy to integrate and custom-tailored solutions for students and teachers. Our LMS offers swift grading for teachers and personalized learning material for students and more.


Colleges and universities can integrate LMS into their system and allow students access to case studies, study material, extra notes, online training sessions and mock tests. It encourages effective distant learning as well.

Coaching Institutes

Coaching Institutes can utilize LMS to sell online subject lessons, mock tests and study material. People who can't physically be at the institute can access the online material that they have provided.

Features of LMS Software in India

Unlimited Study Material

LMS can be used to create unlimited content on the same platform. From multimedia content to simple text files, everything is accessed by students and faculty.

Easy Management

There can be thousands of study material available on the LMS and about the same number of users who have access to the same. LMS helps in the management of material and users effectively.

Live Reports

The LMS generates reports of online practicing sessions and mock tests. People in senior posts can assess the progress of the said individual and evaluate their knowledge and skills based on the same.

Multimedia Content Support

Any form of multimedia content (animations, GIFs, images, videos, presentations, etc.) can be uploaded on the LMS. One can also import Cloud files.

Control Account Access

Manage who can access what data. In an organizational set-up, only upper-level management gets access to all files and, they can decide who can access how much data.

Mobile Management

LMS on a mobile device is a new advancement. It is much convenient and efficient to manage.

Our Learning Management System Modules

Content Management

Create, upload and control content on the LMS. The content is open for editing by the admins.

Custom Branding

Style your LMS that best suits your business and enhance the user experience. It will further help in increasing the brand value of your business.

Security Features

Our cutting edge technology makes up capable of promising dynamic security with encryption protocol to keep your course and related data safe.


LMS can evaluate mock tests, practice sessions and assignments. It generates reports and, with extensive analyzing, generates competitive data of students pursuing the same courses.

Live Classes

The module allows tutors and students to attend classes in real-time. It encourages more and more learners to enroll as it is the same as being in a classroom. Students who are not in the geographical area as the institute can benefit from this.

LMS mobile app has integrated payment gateways. One can make payment through Debit and Credit cards and, there's the option of an e-wallet, Fintech Solutions as well. These payment gateways make the selling of courses seamless.

Course Management

The LMS allows you to add any course to the database and further edit or remove the same as per the current curriculum or business requirement.


Provoke the interests of students by adding gamification to make the learning experience better. Adding gaming components can make subjects more exciting and engaging.

Social Learning

Our LMS solutions encourage social learning through interaction with peers, instructors or seniors. It includes Discussion forums, One-on-ones, group chats and more communication features.

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What Services Do We Offer In Our LMS (Learning Management System) Solutions?

LMS Software Solutions

Our team of professionals deliver easily scalable and customizable learning management systems, course management systems, Optical content recognition (OCR) and effective UI and UX.

LMS E-Learning Software Services

As a proficient LMS mobile app development company, we integrate our LMS with SCORM tools such as SCORM Drive, Engine and Cloud.

LMS Integrations

Our LMS includes responsive design features with HTML5 native support, localization support, HTML5 publishing, multi-screen views and more.

E-Learning Platform Development

Our expert developers in India, develop effective learning environments which are web-based, mobile-based and desktop friendly. These include web-based, instructor/virtual instructor-led training and mobile learning.

LMS Mobile Applications

Our pro mobile app development services include the development of mobile apps for cross-platform mobile devices using Short Message Services and push notification technologies.

LMS Maintenance & Support

We will provide 24/7 maintenance and support services to you. We will look after offline functionalities as well through caching and offline libraries with local storage.

LMS Corporate Training Solutions

Our corporate portals and sign up modules make it seamless for organizations to sell their courses or build one of their own. They would include features that enable employees to connect with training.

LMS E-commerce

We engineer custom training e-commerce platforms and capabilities that include shopping carts, payment gateway/payment processor integrations, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), plus tracking and analytics.

LMS Digital Communication Interfaces

Our developers integrate synchronous/asynchronous learning tools along with blended learning applications. These include social learning frameworks, messaging, web/video conferencing, streaming, session recording, discussion boards, interactive whiteboards, screen-sharing capabilities, gamification, file/document sharing and other technologies.

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