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Procurement Software Development Services to Enhance Your Business Processes in a Cost Effective Manner

Let innovation flow through your business infrastructure. We help in revamping your procurement processes to encourage minimal to zero errors. We aim to provide highly customizable, robust, state-of-the-art procurement software solutions for your business of all sizes and industries.

EM Procure offers best-of-breed procurement focused solutions in the following areas –

Vendor Management

Vendor Management System

Finding the right vendors and managing them is a humungous task. To provide ease to the users, our procurement software ensures to make the onboarding process of the new vendors as hassle-free as it can be. It eliminates the time taken for data processing and costs through vendor login.

Smart Purchase Requisition

The purchasing process is started by purchase requisitions, which are created automatically and submitted quickly using the procurement software EM-Procure.

Purchase Requisition
Quotation Management

Efficient Quotation Management

The procurement software’s quotation module gives users an easy way to make vendor quote inquiries.

Flawless Purchase Order

Following PR approval, the buyer issues a purchase order to the vendor outlining all the specifics of a real purchase. By automatically creating orders from authorized PRs, EM-Procure cloud procurement software greatly improves the efficiency of your PO process.

Purchase Order

Goods Received Note (GRN) and Quality Checking

The ability to choose between “Receive the goods now and verify later” or “Receive and verify simultaneously in a single window.” Instant approvals are made possible by EM Procure, which also speeds the quality assessment of incoming inventory.

Effortless Invoice Management

A multi-functional invoice dashboard will help you process your invoices quickly and accurately to close any gaps between the items you received and the invoices you generated.

Invoice Management
Payment Management

Seamless Payment Management

The simple, safe, and economical method to manage payments to your vendors is with Seamless Payment Management EM-Procure, our cutting-edge procurement software solution.

Benefits of Our Procurement Software Development Services

Procurement System

Efficient Procurement System

Our procurement software solution takes over manual procurement, automating the processes and saving on time and resources.

Invoice Tracking

Smart Invoice Tracking

EM Procure stores all invoices according to date and number for quick and easy tracking. It also prevents the misplacement of important invoices.


Customized In-depth Reports

Our procurement software creates in-depth reports of company's performance, the finances and trends around the market. It allows business owners to make smart decisions.

Three Way Matching

Effortless Three Way Matching

EM Procure is a procurement software that takes care of comparing your invoices, receipts and purchase orders automatically without manual intervention that may be time consuming.

Fastest Processing

Fastest Processing

Loss of productive time is caused by slow processes, protracted payment processes, poor cash flow, and invoicing mistakes. In less than 30 seconds, increase PR, PO, GRN, invoices, and payments for each activity.

Budget Management

Budget Management

It can have significant negative financial effects if you use software that does not automate or manage your spending. It might be too late if the finance department learns about this first. Our procurement software, EM-Procure, has internal validations that you may customize to keep your costs under control.

Choose the Plan That Suits Your Business


INR 1250
per user/month

Up to 10 Users

(Pre Series B)

INR 1550
per user/month

Up to 40 Users


Custom Quote

Unlimited Users


The Best Procurement Management Software Solution for your Business

Our Procurement management software is the smart choice to manage all procurement related activities like purchasing, storage, and supply chain management. Basically, this application forms the back bone of organization in order to improve productivity, shorted the business cycle, reduce cost, etc. Our Procurement management system features E-catalogue, Document Management System and Vendor Management. This software helps organization simplifies procurement of goods and services within an interactive dashboard. Ensures maintenance of stock and inventory within a manufacturing unit, simplifies management of vendors.

The Functionality of Procurement Management Software!

The procurement software solution is the cloud-based marketplace application in which the buyer and seller both can interact and start the procurement process.

Buyer creates RFP

If you are looking for purchase products and services then you need to add supplier in procurement application and create an RFP (request for proposal) so vendors can check his proposal and requirements.

Supplier responds to RFP

The next step in procurement application is suppliers need to respond on buyer RFP and send the RFQ (request for quotation) to the buyer.

Buyer views the quote of suppliers

Once the buyer receives a quotation from all his suppliers if the buyer proposal meets supplier expectation then the buyer selects a particular supplier and raise the purchase order if the supplier quotation will not meet buyer expectations he can follow the rest process.

Buyer starts the negotiation process

If the buyer does not receive an expected quotation from the suppliers then he can start the negotiation process for his expected proposal.

The supplier can check his competitor’s Quote

Once Buyer starts negotiation then the suppliers can check the minimum quotation of his competitors.

Buyer places the PO

After selecting the particular supplier then the buyer can generate the PO (purchasing order) for the supplier to start the purchasing process.

Buyer will check minimum quote

Buyer can check minimum quotes of the supplier and select the particular supplier.

Supplier receives PO

When the supplier receives the PO from the buyer and starts the order delivery process for the buyer.

Buyer receives delivery of goods and initiates payments: Once the buyer receives the delivery of products or services then he starts to initiate the payment process for the supplier.
Procurement management system or e-purchasing solution is the ideal solution for procurement industry for quick interactions with vendor and suppliers. Acquisition of goods and services becomes transparent and easy within an organization for decision making. Ensure a proper balance between demand and supply of goods leading to efficiency in production and growth. If you require an e-procurement application for your organization, then simply Book a Demo with our expert team and they will guide you with integration details depending on your requirement.


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