Procure to pay is a process that is practiced to acquire the needed services and goods from suppliers at a good price.

EM Procure  (Procurement Software)

EM Procure is a p2p software (Procurement Management Software) that provides all the p2p functionality in one software.

What Is A Procure-to-pay Process?

1. Identify needs of goods 2. vendor on boarding 3. Generate Purcash request/Indent 4. Approval Matrix 5. Generate RFP/RFC/RFQ 6. Vendor give quotation

7. Onine Negotiation (if you are not satisfied with rates) 8. Generate PO (Purchase Order) 9. Accept PO   10.Generate Invoice 11.Payment 12.Generate GRN 

What Features Make Us Different From Other P2P Software?

1. Fully customizable according to  requirements 2. Provide vendor portals to vendors 3. Cost Effective 4. Online Negotiation