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The asset management is a benefit in managing your client’s investment portfolio or holdings of any real estate. The management helps in building and maintaining budget. It also collects and analyzes the past and current data, creating strategies for managing assets and many more. A lot of businesses have now realized the productivity they can have in hand with the help of asset management. We can help you in automating your process and helping you stay ahead of the competition

Elite Mindz is the right place to get your application developed. Asset Management system, AMS allows the users to manage Assets of the organization. It handles the Asset flow from the realization of the successful procurement and audits. AMS allows the admin to add the vendors/sellers, categorize the assets, send RFQ (request for quotations), RFP (request for proposals). The sellers added to the system could see RFPs and RFQs and respond with their quotations and proposals; the user can choose from the quotations and negotiate with the chosen sellers. This system also allows the user to send POs (purchase orders) to the selected seller/vendors. Once the asset is procured, the distribution of the asset could be done by allotting the asset (add to) different users/employees, AMS has the ability to search assets and track their respective status, and it handles depreciation of the allotted assets.

Key Feature of AMS:

  • Helps manage all the assets located different in an efficient and accurate way.
  • Elite’s asset management services makes your business grow efficiently, keeping in mind your needs and goals.
  • Measuring vendor performance and status
  • Streamlining of procurement processes
  • Asset Allocation and status tracking
  • Optimization of costs for licensing
  • Vendor audit and policy compliance

Why Asset Management Required?

Asset Management plays an important role to maintain your Asset, here are some of the important Benefits which shows the importance of AMS in the organization are mentioned below:

  • Maximize utilization and value of assets
  • Enable informed decision making through cost transparency
  • Proactive software license compliance
  • Easily search track assets
  • Manage services as well as assets
  • Track vendor and supplier performance through transparent metrics
  • Optimized allocation of assets for a greater return on investment

AMS is one of the software which can reduce your workload and easy to use if you wanted to know how about Asset Management System work stay connect with us.

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