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Asset Management System

Businesses in Digital Transformation landscape requires applications to manage complex day to day operations involving multiple departments. Our EM Office is one stop solution for corporate companies and large-scale businesses. It includes important aspect of running large scale business and their automation. It includes ERP, Procurement, Asset Management System, Project Management System, and other applications depending on requirement. Our technology team helps you in achieving business efficiency with easy management and reporting.

What is EM Office?

A complete technology backed solution to automate your ERP, procurement, asset management, project management and human resource management system.

Benefits of EM Office

  • With EM Office you can completely change the landscape of your business to meet challenging task of keeping pace with technology.

  • Asset Management System helps in managing day-to-day operation of the business by keep track of the equipment and inventory.

  • Human Resource Management is an integral part of this system as it ensures employee hiring, leave management, payroll, performance, employee self-service, and more. Cuts down HR department task by enabling Employee self-service.

  • Backed by Technology to automate Business, EM Office caters to all industries and businesses of different sizes depending on their requirement.

  • Time is money and EM Office helps you in saving time by automating all your business centric day-to-day tasks.

  • Helps in cutting down expenses drastically as it automates reporting and provides a proficient expense management system. Features a Procurement Software which helps organization in procuring, managing, budgeting, reports, and customer support.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software forms the backbone of warehouse, as it leads to automation with tracking, monitoring and controlling the entire warehouse centrally. It Plays a crucial role in maintaining sales, goods and services, across multiple channels and devices. It is a goal-oriented warehouse solution which helps small and growing businesses to manage their inventory easily and remotely.

Employee Self Service

Employee self-service (ESS) is the way employees can access HR-related information directly through a company’s intranet or web portal. It uses a human resources technology enabling employees to access, and perform job related functions. It helps employees in updating personal information and provides access to company benefits and schemes. Using a Digital transformation approach, it reduces paper work, spread sheets and documents.