Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

Inventory, merchandise, or products, are finished goods and materials that the business possesses for sale. Hence, the value of a company’s stock is considered one of the essential assets.

Businesses are transitioning from inventory management system maintenance and reporting on inventory to smart strategic inventory requirements planning to full fill customer needs and profitability. 

The activities supported includes purchasing goods, analyzing trends in sales, and ensuring on-hand inventory availability. It also comprises liquidation of products for distributors, wholesale, E-Commerce retailing, and manufacturing. Therefore managing inventory is a vital process in supply chain management.  

EliteMindz provides customized inventory management software solutions. Our inventory management business solutions are for seamless stock management, warehouse management & a lot more. It profoundly supports easy integration with third-party software and other applications through API integration. Our app enables businesses to expand visibility on their day-to-day inventory and stock management processes. Companies can stay updated with our customized and highly scalable solution that serves the need of every industry vertical. It helps them in invoice building, receiving lists, purchase orders, payment receipts, barcoded labeling, etc.

Our approach

  • Our experts, after understanding the system’s legacy of the respective business, observe the company’s installed base of users/processes before customizing the right system. They track the performance of the tailored software to meet the customized need of wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, retails, direct marketing, and E-Commerce.
  • On-hand vendor on order sales recorded to understand the customer-facing application. It checks the SKU availability, with delivery dates and location, to websites, DCs, and retail stores towards customer orders fulfillment procedures. Our experts ensure to ask the right questions about inventory control during the search and Request for Proposal (RFP) preparation.

Our process enquires notifying the following:

  • How smart is the SKU master file? 
  • Data is available by SKU, like product costing methods and product characteristics?
  • Does the system forecast demand for an SKU? 
  • Does the system calculate the quantity of a product required forward over a time horizon? 
  • Will the system provide a channel view of your multichannel business, like a wholesale or E-Commerce company? 
  • Does the system provide sales, dedicated stock, and customer demand (orders) through the channel for promotional products and events, comprising catalogs, retail sales, web promotions, and clearance sales?
  • How streamlined are the purchasing and analysis features for the purchase orders? 
  • How are purchasing budgets supported? 
  • For retail, does the system support sales and stock planning and retail Open-To-Buy system?

These basic inventory management requirements give direction to the Request for Proposal (RFP) accuracy.


There isn’t a single structure for all businesses. Our experts sense that by identifying respective required business functions, you need to manage inventory, sales, and service as per your customers. We provide customized solutions, and then RFP is presented.  


  • Improved inventory control and forecasting/projection
  • Improved, actionable inventory analysis
  • Barcoding and scanning, machine-readable representation
  • Single system configuration for different business entities
  • On-premise and cloud-based software as a service  
  • Integration and interfaces facilitations


  • Increase sales
  • Keep track of each unit
  • Powerful stock management
  • Advanced order fulfillment
  • Real-time inventory control 
  • Smart procure-to-pay 
  • Streamline purchasing
  • Single system dashboard
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Multichannel handling
  • Easy integration 
  • Smart order management
  • End-to-end tracking
  • Warehouse management
  • Data aggregation 
  • Centralized repositories platform
  • Stock transport solution
  • Sync inventory crossways numerous channels
  • Error-free system
  • No redundancies
  • Real-time inventory/stock visibility
  • Smart delivery management
  • Effective reporting
  • Vigilant tracking and monitoring
  • Business more approachable and accessible
  • Trouble-free data accessibility
  • Scalable data storage capacity
  • Time, Costs, and Resource Saving
  • Better availability, delivery, and pickup of services.
  • Provides complete security of the Data

Different Industries

  • Retail Inventory Management Software Services
  • Ecommerce Inventory Management Software Services
  • Food Industry Inventory Management Software Services
  • Energy Inventory Management Software Services
  • Healthcare Inventory Management Software Services
  • Manufacturing Inventory Management Software Services
  • Hospitality Inventory Management Software Services
  • Real Estate Inventory Management Software Services

Scale your business with our best-in-class inventory management system. Reach to premium untapped customers worldwide with our cloud-based integrated solution.

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