Enterprise Resource planning

ERP software is used to centralize the information so the organization can save its time and money. Enterprise Resource planning shows real data which flows through various departments and is affected by the business processes of these departments (like Accounts, Marketing, Human Resource Production, Purchasing etc.) ERP facilitates data sharing, access, and tracking in real-time. In this article, you will get to know about what are the common functions of ERP in the Organization.

Key Functions of ERP

  • Organization Module:
  • ERP Works on organization modules as per the requirement because it will centralize your data so you can create particular staff login that can access and check his details.

  • Employee Module:
  • In this Module, the employee can check his work details attendance, salary, & Leaves etc.

  • Timesheet Module:
  • Timesheet is the part of HRMS but in ERP you can check Timing and Attendance.

  • Human Resource Management:
  • This is an important key feature in ERP for HR Department to manage all HR Activity.

  • Payroll Module:
  • In this Module, you can track your payroll accounts.

  • Sales Module:
  • It will help you track your Sales team work Performance and targets.

Some other Important Functionalities!

The Above Functions are the major functions which are required in every organization but few other uses of ERP software are mentioned below:

  • To Manage Admin Setting Module.
  • Report Module.
  • Also Use in Finance Module.
  • Document Management Module.
  • Travel Desk.
  • Performance Management System.
  • Training management.
  • Purchase and inventory.
  • Asset Module.
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