Our Response To COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 on IT Industries

The novel coronavirus outbreak is sending stuns through the world economy. IT financial plans have suffered significant reductions. Consumer demand patterns are shifting and worldwide supply chains are re-routing which is the reason the greater part of the organizations have cut their financial plans for technology hardware, software, and services this year, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and related economic fallout. Even though governments are making even more significant interventions, we as an organization should persistently adapt to new and unsure economic situations.

How Elite Mindz is Planning for a Post-Covid-19 World

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic is demanding a horrible human cost and threatening the world economy. We are executing the proper mitigation protocols and support systems to protect our employees and customers—and by minimizing the economic damage we are getting ready for the world past coronavirus.

Our new insights on consumer sentiment and the return to work are as follows: -

  • Transforming the non-field representatives to working from home.
  • Planning and initiating a temporary decrease in representative's hours.
  • Accelerating training programs for employees.
  • Boost digital and remote services.
  • Prepare for quicker industry consolidation.
  • Establish new ways for delivery of services.
  • Prioritize accessibility over effectiveness.
Let’s Fight Covid-19 Together

Beating this pandemic is our responsibility, not just as an organization, but also as an individual. Up until this point, India has walked the tight rope just as it could have, given its resources and abilities. As the world comes together to fight this, human undertaking and resourcefulness will beat this crisis. We should simply take additional measures by observing guidelines and keeping up the social distancing.

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