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What is EM-Procure?

EM-Procure encourages associations to robotize their purchasing process and keeping up stock in an organization. It is a modern method to manage the company's spending. It modernizes the purchasing process and deals with all activities of a company's utilization by generating purchasing orders, executing the ordering procedure, arranging invoices, and taking care of all bills electronically. It encourages associations to computerize their whole source-to-pay cycle. Customers can get total access to control each procurement action by using EM-PROCURE and spare 30%-40% of an organization's spending.

What Are the Benefits of eProcurement?

eProcurement doesn’t just put business-critical goods at your fingertips—it lowers costs and improves spend visibility. A standardized procurement workflow simplifies complex processes and keeps everyone on the same page. Paperwork and human error are reduced or eliminated by automation, while centralized transaction tracking increases data accuracy and permits full reporting. Thorough analysis reduces expenditure, cuts waste and ensures compliance. Electronic procurement modernizes the procurement process, helping organizations keep pace with the demands of an ever-evolving business environment.

How EM-Procure stands apart from rest Procurement Software?

Dynamic workflows
Dynamic workflows make this software one stage forward as compared to others as it is one that can adapt to changing conditions in a business framework.
Drag and drop feature
Drag and Drop is an improved component where a user can move a position that recently affirmed the PO and successfully jump to the accompanying one making it simple to use the interface.
Role-based access control
Role-based access control is a place where an individual can spare a lot of time by distributing access as indicated by the occupations allotted to an individual. This guides in bringing a balanced and vivid point of view on all the purchases.

Experience it for yourself

See how EM-Procure provides immediate improvement to your procurement experience.

Features of EM-Procure

Simple and productive product assurance

A forefront interface lets your customers adequately quest and peruse the items and services they need.

Accept orders from anyplace

Regardless of whether you are in your work area or in a rush, orders can be acknowledged quickly and safely.

Collaborate with Suppliers

A coordinated effort is the best approach to progress. We help your customers communicate and collaborate with suppliers.

Make the most out of legacy frameworks

Whether or not you assembled different systems on account of mergers or organic growth, EM-PROCURE can help widen these systems' lives and quality.

Organize constantly with all ERPs

EM-PROCURE can connect with various distinctive legacy systems at the same time.

Automated 2-way and 3-way match

Eliminate the legwork from guaranteeing your invoices are correct. Let EM-PROCURE perform the match.

Less looking, all the more finding

Looking may not be the perfect way to discover an item. EM-PROCURE offers a wide scope of options, including searching by clicking on a picture.

E-Procurement Process

The complete cycle of Purchase request to Invoice Payment, as conducted on the E-Procurement Platform.

Now Forget about delays in approvals with EM-Procure



  • The very first step is to raise a purchase request. It gives your team to request what they need and when. Requestor can set their request and track it. Give your team the certitude of knowing and tracking their requirements request. 

  • The procurement/finance group then investigates the purchase demand. Here, affirmed demands become POs, while dismissed demands are sent back to the requester because of the dismissal.

  • The procurement group progresses a couple of requests for quotations to vendors with the objective that they can examine offers and further shortlist the ideal merchant.

  • Potential vendors present their offers and are deliberately kept an eye on their performance history, steady records, and huge characteristics, such as regular lead times, goodwill, cost, etc.

  • The vendor with the winning offer then granted an agreement. At the point when a dealer is picked, the contract negotiation and signing are finished.

  • After choosing the seller, a purchase order is created, the purchaser takes a glimpse at the order and informs if any issues are there with the items.

  • After the purchase order is produced, it will initially get approved by higher specialists. If they approve only, then the PO is released to the merchant.

  • After the purchase order has been affirmed, the finance division will provide a merchant's purchase order. A confining agreement starts after a vendor recognizes a PO.

  • The vendor conveys the goods or services within the settled-upon time to the buyer.

  • After the items have been received or the service has been fulfilled, it's time for your vendor to be paid. Effectively coordinated requests, when approved, payment is given to the vendor.

Choose EM-Procure where the modern problem requires modern solution

  • Enhance the speed and productivity of procurement forms.
  • Advancement in the information accuracy.
  • Better spend clarity and lower costs.
  • Give the best customer experience.
  • Improve intra-association connections.
  • Builds control inside the procurement management team.
  • Digitize your data and records by going paperless.
  • Systemize the agreement life cycle.
  • Make sufficient reserve funds to stock administration.

Begin with our instinctive, quick, and dependable EM Procure. The only buying software with dynamic workflows and drag and drop features. Our main focus is to make a dependable job-based access control for a clear point of view of all purchases. We'll be glad to assist you to find the best solution for all your business needs. Connect with our team to know the overall highlights of EM Procure. Book a demo now.

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