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Factors to consider while choosing a Software Development Company

In India, when you use the Google search engine with the keywords “Software Development Company” chances are that the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs) would come up with a plethora of institutes imparting training or learning about the same. You would have to widen the net or search intelligently if you want to come up with options regarding the same since such companies are a dime-a-dozen.

Needless to add, this blog is going to help you decide just the same and not find what you want.

What are the factors that decide which company you choose for software business management solutions?

  1. Trust
    In today’s day and age of globalization and social distancing, merely having a website and proclaiming figures would not suffice. Trust is built on experience and expertise and you seldom find the two in the same company. Look for the workforce, clientele, testimonials, Google Ratings, and the leaders of a company before deciding on the right direction.

  2. Delivery
    Let’s just forget complex projects for a while, even with a simpler deliverable, there are glitches and anomalies aplenty. Thus, companies need to have robust workflows and processes in place including testing to deliver promises by adhering to set timelines and budgets.

  3. Portfolio
    With cloud-native applications ruling the roost and SaaS not going anywhere, it is important to keep in mind the portfolio of the company. The diverse clients are not limited to a particular industry or geography, the scale of the project, the brands associated, and the size of the projects if possible.

  4. Video
    Seeing is believing and that is why verifying a prospect’s credentials with a walkthrough of their office is paramount which gives a glimpse of the potential to deliver. The camaraderie and the bonhomie prevalent in the office, the employee testimonials, the leaders speaking impromptu all add up to the ingredients of a healthy, professional atmosphere.

  5. Cost
    If it’s too expensive then it exceeds the budget and if it is too cheap then quality is bound to suffer. It is paramount to tread the middle path and entrust when it comes to financial matters. Do not go for stop-gap arrangements, instead, focus on long term commitments that are mutually beneficial.

  6. Technology On Offer
    DevOps, Microservices Architecture, React, AI, Machine Learning are some of the more contemporary technologies that showcase the capabilities of the vendor on offer. Relevant and recent technologies provide comfort in terms of seamless integration with legacy systems and provide a window of opportunity for Custom Software Development Companies.

  7. Key Differentiators
    Is your vendor willing to provide you the source code or white label the product? Products would be key differentiators in the long run when it comes to offerings. Other factors to consider could be if you get IT Infrastructure outsourcing and IT Helpdesk, on-demand resources that you require. Software Solutions Company or IT Services Company is here to stay and there is no shying away from that. Mobile App Development is also a part of the services mentioned earlier.

For all this and more about technology and how it acts as an enabler, stay tuned to this blog. For any queries or suggestions, reach out to us at and schedule a demo Happy hunting!

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