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Artificial intelligence is advancing as industries keep transforming. With the use of machine learning, many companies and organizations have benefited from implementing Artificial Intelligences. As the on-going coronavirus took a toll on business, many companies have decided to get their company into Artificial Intelligence. We all use Artificial Intelligence-based technologies, yet they can feel almost invisible at the same time. Every website acts as an AI, be it Google’s search page or Facebook suggested articles that analyse your search history.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the epitome of digital transformation in various industries. It is proven that AI is going to shape the future of industries and businesses much better.

According to a study by Google, Nasscom, and think tank ICRIER, the increase in AI intensity by Indian businesses can result in a 2.5 percent increase in the country’s GDP. This can boost rapid growth & profitability and can transform businesses.

Various organizations are already using Artificial Intelligence and getting more diverse. With this guide’s help, you can have an in-depth on how machine learning-based can change the future of business and industries and how you can make use of the best of it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a machine that imitates the intelligence of a human and various other functions. It looks after machine vision, natural language processing, and so on. Some programs have matched the speed and memory of a human. With the help of this technology, the computer and mobile can be developed to accomplish specific tasks.

Importance of AI

The AI-implemented companies will have more power and ability to analyse data with various functionalities such as high-class customer relationship management and business security. AI and machine learning help in solving multiple complexities just like a human. This is much more similar to adopting human intelligence characteristic and implementing it as an algorithm being computer friendly.

As new technologies come up, the development of mobile applications are evolving too. The fast-changing mobile application development is increasing with multiple features, making it much more user-friendly. Every mobile app has its own set of innovations that serve users’ purpose, and this can be done with the help of AI. There is a vast scope of Artificial intelligence to impact our businesses, society, and lives. AI and ML is a game-changer that transforms ideas into reality.

Role of AI in Business

Virtual Assistance

Chabot and virtual assistance provide much more ease in customer services. Businesses that opt for these options receive better customer service satisfaction and make communication effective. This helps the company to understand the needs of a customer and work according to the target. Artificial intelligence is implemented in virtual assistance. In the coming years, AI will improve customer service facilities and become an essential part of our lives.

Market Insights

The AI has the ability to collect, analyse and find patterns in chunks of data. The given information of data helps in understanding the needs of customers as well as their behavior. This leads to a common targeting. The companies can also optimize their business and marketing strategy with the use of AI.


The constant development in automation helps in easing the process of doing business. From mobile to robots, there has been a rise in the updation of automation. This is used in numerous industries such as hospitality, media, firms, retails, etc., in the form of either algorithm or machine. The machine can perform every task without any break.

Sales process

The sales technique is moving forward, such as making marketing calls and email marketing to many other channels. The data of customers are gathered as well as their buying preferences with the help of AI. This information can be used to make products as per the needs of the customer.


The AI helps analyse data and makes customer service smooth with the inclusion of buying history, preferences while buying, credit card, or any related factor. The business can interact with the customers regarding the detail. This also helps the companies to interact with the customers looking for similar content.


AI can be implemented in any sector such as healthcare, agriculture, e-commerce, or education too. The AI and Machine learning tool has become a significant part of the business. If you are looking to advance the value you provide to the people, you should start implementing AI technology to communicate transparently between the company and customer.

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