em gurukul for educational institutions

em gurukul for educational institutions

EM-Gurukul | Best LMS for educational institutions

EM-Gurukul is one of the best LMS software for educational institutions in India for educational schools, colleges, and institutions. It gives a structure through which learning content is conveyed and overseen. It is the best learning management system exceptionally tending to web-based teaching business needs, and its central objective is to make an engaging circumstance for quality courses and training. It is likewise expected from small to large educational systems to smartly and adequately manage web-based learning as well as teacher training.

Today, the world faces a phenomenal COVID-19 pandemic condition and starts maintaining a distance from social gatherings by staying at home. Along these lines, to beat this circumstance, it is normal that an enormous number of people are pushing toward the adoption of LMS learning management system services for their education system.

EM-Gurukul is a friendly and easy to use interface. It smoothes out the paperless administration of institutes and tracks student progress and execution. It incorporates a versatile evaluation module and Optical Content Recognition (OCR) technology and empowers social communication with an inbuilt chat system. It gives available content to students. It additionally has mobile learning compatibility – xAPI based methodology allows clients to get to their training on both the mobile app and web panels.

As the world advances its digital transformation each day, instructors need to find brilliant approaches to apply it in their schools and institutions. Anyone can use EM-Gurukul to make their teaching less stressful. It is fundamentally used to create customized learning and social learning experiences for your students. You can keep information about your students and your courses in a single spot.

Key Features

One-Stop Solution-

Manage classes, assignments, and tests on the EM Gurukul dashboard.

Excellent Selection –

Finest tutors available vetted by our team and partners.

Ease of Use –

Choose online and offline tutoring as per convenience.

Compare and Choose –

Access database to evaluate current and potential tutors.

Latest Information –

Get updates on courses, teachers, and educational trends.

Perfect Match –

Search for tutors based on various important parameters.

Manage Timetables –

Schedule classes with your tutors through your account.

Online Tests –

Assess and improve by taking your tutor’s tests online.

Review Tutors –

Give feedback on tutors based on their performance.

Customized Sessions –

Personalize your package of online/offline tutor sessions.


EM-Gurukul is the all-in-one platform for teachers, students, and parents. It computerizes everything like keeping students, parents, teachers, and school owners engaged, scheduling curriculum, lesson sharing, tracking achievements and progress, fee payments, and much more. The following is the insider scoop of EM-Gurukul.



EM-Gurukul comprises a variety of features, and one of its features is the teacher’s dashboard. It mainly helps teachers in keeping school documents, academic history, and other vital school information.


Some of its modules are as follows: – 

Profile – 

Teachers create their profile using their personal information like EM-Gurukul ID, email, name, contact number, gender, address, subject, experience, and other relevant information.

Students –

Here, teachers keep records of their students’ total numbers with their class and other relevant information.

Subjects – 

This module divides the different topics and the number of students in each issue in detail.

Assignments – 

Here, a teacher can assign assignments to students and track each assignment subject wise with total marks obtained, total time, action, etc.

Tests – 

Here, a teacher can create their test, take an online test, take an offline test, and send the test to students and parents with total marks obtained.

Assessment – 

Basic, adaptive, and hybrid are three types of assessments that can be created here. All the assessments are tracked according to their subject, creation date, difficulty level, etc.

Student Assessment Result –

Here, the student’s assessment results are recorded and tracked.

Flashcards –

Flashcards can be created here anytime and, on any topic, and assigned to students individually, and also keeps records of each flashcard.

Class Batches –

It is a type of classroom. It divides students according to the batches and keeps records of all students attending the particular class.

Classes – 

Here, a teacher can schedule classes, book classes, and reschedule classes with all the relevant information.

Instant classes –

Here, a teacher can create an instant class for students keeping the record of all the information like who is attending, class topic, booking number, etc.

Demo Classes –

A demo class can be created with all the information for students willing to take admissions.

Booked Demo Classes –

All the relevant information about the booked demo classes can be tracked here.

Messages –

Here, teachers can create messages for students.

Videos – 

Teachers can record their lectures and upload them here for their students.

Demo Videos – 

Teachers can record their demo lectures and upload it to the students who are willing to take demo classes.

Report Cards –

Report cards of each student are recorded here and tracked daily.

Ratings and Reviews – 

Teachers can receive reviews from their students and also give reviews to their students.



Another feature is the students’ dashboard. It significantly assists students in attending classes, track class timings, keeping a record of their progress, and other information.

Some of its modules are as follows: –

Profile – 

Students create their profile here using their personal information like EM-Gurukul ID, email, name, contact number, gender, address, class, parent’s report, etc.

Subject – 

Here, students mention their subjects which they opted for and keep records.

Assignments –

Here, students can track their pending assignments and completed assignments.

Tests –

Here, students can track their pending tests by due dates and completed tests with results and all the other information.

Assessment –

Here, students receive the assessments provided by their teachers and keep records of whether it is completed or pending.

Assessment Results –

Assessments results of each student are shown here according to the topic and chapter and track student’s progress.

Demo Classes – 

Students receive information about demo classes through their teachers.

Messages –

Here, students receive messages from their teachers.

Videos –

Students can download videos here, which were recorded by teachers and attend them.

Report Card – 

Students can see and track their report cards and their progress.

Reviews –

Here, students receive reviews from their teachers and also add reviews for tutors.

Ratings –

Students can rate an individual teacher by giving them stars.



Another feature is the parent’s dashboard. It significantly assists parents in tracking classes, keeping a record of their child’s progress, and other information.

Some of its modules are as follows: –

Profile – 

Parents create their profile here using general information like name, contact number, gender, address, email, education, etc

Add New Child – 

Parents add their child’s report and mention the required tutor they want for their children.

Demo Class –

Parents can also track demo classes scheduled for their children.

Message – 

Here, parents can track the words and take actions accordingly.

Reviews – 

Parents can also give reviews to the teachers according to the progress of their children.

Rating – 

Parents can also rate an individual teacher by giving them stars.



EM-Gurukul is an ideal approach to deal with a classroom in a successful, timely, and structured route. It is a top open-source and best LMS software for educational institutions in India to upgrade your learning experience, and if you want to make one investment that pays off, it would be paying for EM-Gurukul.

If you are searching for the best learning management system at your school, college, or institute, permit us to set you up with demos and help you find the instructional tutorials.

Stay in contact with us by composing your request to info@elitemindz.co. and book a demo for understanding more.






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