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Are you looking for e-learning software Development Company?

Posted on March 30, 2019 at 10:42 PM

Are you looking for an e-learning software Development Company?

If you are looking for an e-learning software development company, then your searches end here because of the expertise of Elitemindz to develop custom e-learning software as per client requirements. Nowadays in corporate and education sectors want to train their employees with gamification learning software because they don't want to follow the traditional way of learning, so they use a new and innovative way to improve their performance with the e-learning management system.

Benefits of E-learning Software

E-learning Software helps to learn course material or training modules at the understanding level this is the most important benefits of E-learning software, but some other benefits of LMS are mention below:

  • Centralize Learning Data 
  • Add Multiple User
  • Track Performance 
  • Cost Reducing 
  • Reducing the Leaning Time 
  • Easily Expand Course material

Important Modules of E-LMS

E-learning software has two major panels one is for trainer or admin and, another one is for trainee's or employees panel the detailed functionality of e-learning modules are mention below: 

  • Course: It is an essential part of Learning management because with the help of course module admin or trainer can create course name and then upload the content in different formats like audio, video, pdf, doc, etc. Another key feature of the course module is that the admin can schedule course time and duration. 
  • Functional Area: In this module admin can assign the course to the particular functional area, designation wise, even you can add a group of trainees or an individual trainee. Also, admin can fix the period of particular course trainees need to complete this course within the given time.
  • Assessment Creation: The creation of assessment is always useful for the LMS system because it will help you to major the performance of your trainee if your application doesn't have this module it means you are not able to major the performance of the trainee.
  • Assessment Assign: The above module always helps you to create assessment but assigning is also an essential part of it so after creating the assessment and admin can assign a particular team or trainee.
  • Performance Report: This module will help you calculate the performance of the particular trainee even you are assigning the course and assessment in a group of trainees or an individual trainee. Also, it will help to major the understanding level of the trainee.

To improve the productivity of employees or trainees most of the organization uses this application, In our custom e-learning software, you can add or remove modules as per your requirements if you want to know more about the E-learning software you can Request a Demo.

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