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Posted on April 3, 2019 at 10:48 PM

Are You Looking for Distribution Management Software?

If you are looking for the best Distribution Management Software to maintain your asset, you need to visit Elitemindz to develop a Distribution Management System. Elitemindz has an expert team of developers to provide integration of advanced modules, and you can analyze and track as well. In this article, we will explain the modules of Distribution Management Software to help you select the right product. The brief description of modules and their functionality mentioned below:


“Modules and Functionality of Distribution Management Software”

Modules and functionality of Distribution Management Software are as follows:

Analytics of Assets:

Analytics is a valuable module in the distribution system because it will help calculate the total number of assets used or remain. If your organization has multiple branches, then it is a very challenging and time-consuming task for the employees due to the centralization of data. It will reduce the company's time and cost and improve productivity.

Asset management:

In this module, admin can handle the complete information because to keep the record about the distribution of assets between the employees is an important task.

Asset life-cycle management:

Asset life-cycle management is a tough task while you are doing it manually. You need to analyze the number of assets distributed to employees, the number of assets repaired, and total assets recycling. In this module, you can manage the entire life-cycle from spreading to depreciation value.

Asset Tracking:

It will help you to track or know about the location. It performs a specific task like it will help you find the exact user or employee of the organization currently using a particular asset.

Ticket Raise to Resolve Process:

This module is available in the admin panel and employee panel as well. If employee-facing trouble or asset is not working, they can raise a request to change the particular product. By doing this, the admin can find the complete details of the employee, update the same in the Distribution Management Software application, and assign a new one to the specific employee. After completing the repair or assignment process, the admin can change the ticket status as completed.


Benefits of Distribution Management Software

Benefits of Distribution Management Software are as follows:

Stock administration made simple-

Monitoring stock is sophisticated. As products are delivered in and out, our application makes it simple to include and refresh stock details, tracking inventory, and schedule information about low stock levels.

Improve consumer satisfaction while limiting expense -

Productively oversee distribution processes with constant permeability of available stock, stock in transit, reorder quantities, and stock expenses. Limit inventory and costs; improve quoting, acknowledgement, order entry, and satisfactory process.

Mechanize and normalize accounting all through the supply chain-

Creating financials is a lot less complicated when all the numbers you need are in one place. Effectively record the charged money, paid amount, credits, and the payment type (receivable or payable).

Decrease order times-

Reduce delays through mechanized sales order preparing and dispatching order generation. Set principles to deal with numerous distribution centres, returns, credit limits, drop shipments, etc.

Know your genuine expenses-

Decide real-time benefit by the distribution centre, product offering, area, or speciality unit. Utilize continuous data to control costs over the whole supply and distribution chain.

Smooth out order processing-

Set up a smooth procedure flow, from giving a business statement to fulfilling an order. Each request is assigned an extraordinary ID for tracking across the value chain. You can likewise see rules by their status.


Also, if you want to add extra features or integrate some advanced level of modules to customize your distribution management software, Elitemindz can incorporate it. The superior functionality and details help you to know about the Distribution Management Software.








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