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Life has taken a topsy-turvy curve during the pandemic and we have realized how to face living in adversity in terms of the lockdown. According to a study put up by McKinsey, more than 90% of companies believed that they needed digitization to change for the better. The tenure of companies on the S & P 500 Index has drastically come down from 61 years in 1958 to an average of 22 years in the present day.

This makes it pertinent to upskill and build on the present infrastructure by investing in technology adoption which would accelerate the transition to a more efficient system and a more robust process for the organization.

The services sector has grown by leaps and bounds to cater to the transition towards digitization. If you’ve been following the series of blogs then services include not only IT software solutions but also website design and mobile app development.

The following is a convenient and comfortable list of six services that would leverage technology for digital acceleration while outsourcing:-

  • Offshore Development Centre
    This is an office that is usually not in the country of origin that would fulfill or complete the software requirements of a company. Personnel included in this endeavour are including but not limited to a designer, a developer, a technical architect, a project manager, a quality analyst, a tester and a delivery manager.

  • Testing Centre of Excellence
    It is a virtual testing platform for test workflows to utilize the existing resources for software testing. Cohesion between resources and infrastructure result in optimum testing processes.

  • Tailor – Made Software Development & On
    Demand Resources – As the name suggests, resources need to be made available for the exact requirement as per the software development workflow at a given location.

  • Product Outsourcing
    The difference between a product and project is that a product has already been developed by a company whereas a project is tweaked as per the requirements of the client. In both cases, the cost usually is at a fraction of the projected figure.

  • IT Infrastructure Outsourcing & IT Helpdesk
    This is utilized to streamline the workflow and put the process in place to deliver a project. Back – office operations are an example of such a system in prevalence.

  • DevOps Services
    This is a niche service that is proclaimed by many but delivered by few. It is at a much faster clip compare to traditional technologies and involves a high degree of expertise.

Globalization and visa regimes don’t necessarily see eye to eye. In a similar vein, “time is money” and the ultimate goal of a business is to turn profitable. IT Services Company is here to stay and there is no shying away from that. Stay tuned for further updates with all that is happening in the world of technology and how Elite Mindz is making a difference by standing out of the crowd. For any queries or suggestions, reach out to us at Happy hunting!

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