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iPhone Versus Android phone, a never-ending debate, and the result is always confusing for the buyer. Some go crazy for looks, features, storage, and other features. At the same time, some put the limit over the price before buying their new mobile. However, the question remains the same: which phone is better, having iOS or Android OS. To make the right choice between both, we need to check the features of both of these operating systems. Here, to help you choose your next Smartphone, we are listing some of the essential features of both OS to make comparison easier.

Comparison: iOS or Android

The best way to compare iOS and Android is to take a look at the features.

  • Interface
    While talking about the interface, one highly noticeable interface feature of iOS is that it has much brighter colors than Android as iOS uses flat design and Android uses material design. Another highly noticed difference is that Android has three navigation buttons, i.e., back, home, and recent bars. On the other hand iOS uses swipe from left to right for easy navigation. Another interface difference between both the OS is that android uses hamburger menu whereas iOS uses the Bottom Tab Approach.

  • Stability
    When we talk about stability, android phones are better than iOS as a recent comparison between the crash rates of Android and iOS versions; in the current android version, a crash rate of 0.7% is recorded, and the iOS crash rate is 1.6%. It is also seen that crashes are more minor in phone versions of both OS than tablet versions.

  • Speed
    Apple iPhones come with an Apple in-house designed A-series chip which is better when compared to Qualcomm’s snapdragon series chip when talking about speed. The stress tests run by 3D Mark’s and Geekbench 5, iPhone 12 won the battle from Samsung Galaxy 20 having Android OS.

  • Security
    For security, we can undoubtedly say that iOS has better security than Android. The reason behind this is that iOS doesn’t allow malicious software to attack the phone. On the other hand, we can always hear cases related to fraud through android mobiles. iPhone also provides better privacy than Android as if your phone gets lost, it will be difficult to unlock it, which means your data can be secure even on a locked phone.
  • User Experience
    According to the stats given by the stat counter for the month of August 2021, it is seen that almost 72.76% of total smart phones users uses Android phones and 26.42% uses iPhones. This clearly shows that android has larger user base which means it provides better user experience in affordable price.

Final Verdict

The user base of Android phones is always on the top. However, before, the reason was cost, and now people are choosing android because of its better user experience, interface, looks, and enhanced features. Even it is also seen that many users shifted from iPhones to Androids because of better android versions. However, from an unbiased point of view, we can suggest you buy the android phone if you want a phone for fundamental features. But if you are looking for security and privacy in your phone then iPhone is a better choice.

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