Jobs amid coronavirus crisis

Jobs amid coronavirus crisis

Posted on May 14, 2020 at 3:33 PM

COVID-19 is the most serious health crisis which the World is facing now and it has been lowering the overall economic stability of the countries over the World. Jobs amid the Coronavirus Crisis is one of the serious concerns nowadays.

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We have come up with various facts and studies which will highlight our concern about Jobs amid the Coronavirus Crisis.

There is no denying the fact that the impact of COVID-19 on India is getting worse day by day and our economy has been shaken due to this pandemic. Whether it is a Multinational Company, manufacturing industry, small units, or big units Coronavirus has affected each and all of them. However, the worst-case scenario is for the employees or workers who don’t have a fixed salary period or who work for daily wages.


Workers who work on daily wages, parking contractors, cleaners, maids, short term contractual workers, tourist guides, waiters in restaurants, housekeeping staff, etc are facing a loss of livelihood during this Coronavirus Crisis. 

A recent statement of Adecco Group India, a staffing Company has stated that about 9 million jobs can be reduced across manufacturing units of textiles, cement, food products, rubber, and electronics. 

The tourism sector is one of the most affected sectors which is facing a crisis amid the coronavirus crisis. 

The Coronavirus situation is escalating the jobs crisis and it could become one of the biggest destroyers for human jobs over centuries. When people lose jobs they lose their income, their lifestyle, hopes, self-respect, safety net, and dignity.


 The International Labour Organisation has shown that the crisis will lead to global working hours by 7% in the second quarter of 2020. 

Large layoffs across the country are going through a deep economic crisis amid Coronavirus. The job crisis has been occurring mostly in smaller firms or industries. Large firms and industries are somehow capable of facing the losses for a little more time.

Companies are unable to face the losses and they are forcing their employees to go on leave without pay or wages just ensuring them by stating to them that their job is secured. 


As per the reports of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE)-

The monthly unemployment rate of India in April stood at 23.52%, up from March’s 8.74%. This study by CMIE shows that most of the unemployment was from the urban areas where the number of red zones is larger due to the impact of coronavirus. 

One another issue is fleeing migrants from urban areas such as Delhi and Mumbai will lead to a shortage of Human Capital in upcoming times. 

The recent report of CMIE has also highlighted the following points related to Jobs crisis amid Coronavirus:-

i) By the end of April, Puducherry in South India has the highest unemployment at the rate of 75.8% followed by neighbouring states Tamil Nadu49.8%, Jharkhand 47.1%, and Bihar 46.6%.

ii) Maharashtra’s unemployment was at 20.9% while the same of Haryana was 43.2%, Uttar Pradesh at 21.5%, and Karnataka at 29.8%.

iii) While Coronavirus had no large impact on hilly states such as Himachal Pradesh stood at 2.2.% and Sikkim at 2.3% and Uttarakhand at 6.5%.

Well! There is another aspect of Jobs amid the Coronavirus Crisis as well.

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Work from Home 

Work from home job offers especially for women has shown an increasing rise during this pandemic situation of the Coronavirus. Women who were willing to restart their careers or who were unable to go to offices due to any reason are finding and grabbing it as a great opportunity as most of the companies have started offering work from home options.

As per the statement of Neha Bagaria, CEO and Founder of Jobs for Her- 

“ This is the time when working from home is the new normal. The number of women looking to start or restart their careers has also risen dramatically in recent times” 

The rise has particularly been seen in metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune she added further.

Amid the lockdown to curb pandemic crises more and more companies are offering work from home jobs to new employees and leaving no opportunity to grab new and fresh talents. They are conducting telephonic or video calls to conduct the interviews, fulfilling the joining formalities online and contributing to reducing job losses as much as they can and trying to boost the economy of the Country on their part. 

While work from home is becoming a normal scenario nowadays, companies are also providing job offerings to people of remote areas as well. The reason behind this is to provide employment opportunities to those earlier who were unable to do so even after having a talent.

There are many companies which are offering Job Opportunities to individuals such as-

Employees are applying for customer services, content writing, telesales, IT, counselling, online tutoring, online teaching, and many other profiles. This one is becoming like a blessing for those women or even men who wanted to start or restart their careers. 

There is no doubt that Jobs amid the Coronavirus crisis is becoming a very threatening issue for the youth, employees, workers, economy, country, or the World itself.

Conclusion:- Jobs amid the Coronavirus Crisis is having a very stressful impact on each and one. It's been a long time since the coronavirus has impacted our lives and it will go for a little longer with us as well. We have to learn how to live with it. However, Corporates and Governments are working round the clock to reduce the loss of jobs as much as they can. All we have to do is to have patience.

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