Demystifying the future growth of the procurement software industry

Demystifying the future growth of the procurement software industry

Posted on April 14, 2020 at 3:59 PM

The procurement software marketplace is expected to grow to nearly $8 billion by 2024, with a compounding annual growth of 7.6%.  An industry has surged a worth of $6 billion. The abundant growth is evident in every facet of this industry. The procurement analytics market is expected to grow worth $4.1 billion, with a CAGR of 20%, in a few years. Such growth is unsurprising both in scale and experience of the present business climate.


The progression of the global industry in recent years has enormous and depicts inescapable facts.

  • The software has irreversibly influenced virtually every business sector.

  • Everyone from the cloud-based industry to newcomers is in the SAAS marketplace.

  • Custom software development has grown to unprecedented heights.

The hardware organizations and non-tech companies have transitioned into the roles of SaaS providers. It is an inevitable responsive growth from the unexpected domains.

The software custom development is digital land, which is ruled by Big B’s and giants of the industry. The gamut of traditional powerhouses has accumulated market share that is influenced by small scale software development companies.

Such paradigm-shift has moved and compelled expansion of the mainstay’s organizations like Microsoft and Oracle. Big B’s titans have reasserted their dominance and reinforced the notion of the custom software development world.

Consequently, the supply chain industry has realized the impact of custom software development advantages, experiencing substantial and bottom-up growth. The procurement software market is armed with custom business models. It needs the minimum requisite funding and all capable of innovating as per business need, positioning with relevance and profitability. Upon reflection, the industry associates recognize the value that could be generated by streamlining the purchasing tail spend on products. 


The Growth Booster

One of the core drivers for the procurement software mercurial growth is the increase in mobile communication, the use of mobile devices to manage purchases. Traveling generates responsive custom software development. It takes an hour. 

Procurement processes management and operations while traveling is the main reason behind the growth of eProcure software development. Smart procurement software automates 99% of supply-chain management processes duly infused by intelligent services.

Businesses can fine-tune entire procurement processes with essentials and desirable outcomes, enhancing the users’ experience, altogether, and much more.

The future growth of the procurement software industry also stems from re-imagining the relationships between stakeholders, staff, and their teams. The profoundly simple to use user-friendly procurement operations are solely designed for the sake of supplying companies keeping the essentials for conducting day-to-day operations at affordable pricing.

Smartly designed procurement processes fuel the company’s innovative procurement processes predicting trends, forecast results, and preemptively acting upon them. The worth considering factor is the degree to which innovations will keep evolving and continue to generate opportunities. It is a must for retaining business continuity and future growth.

For example, the emergence of block-chain technology, its immutable characteristics got integrated with software, includes procurement software as per the changing need. It holds the potential to spark unprecedented growth with an ultimate level of transparency.

What should you look into procurement software?

With the ever-growing software industry, the procurement process should be intuitively smart. It should be capable of automating the entire independent processes. To do that, one needs to have an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem of the respective business. 

The procurement software you purchase must fit complete functionality as per the respective business architecture. Another crucial factor is to evaluate your internal data situation and establish the data streams that your business has and don’t have, assess your data quality.

Determine the procurement business processes and workflow as per the happening changes. Understand the untapped potential of the procurement marketplace at the global level. Achieve a superior level of purchasing efficiency with the maturation of technology with Elitemindz.

The procurement software development is prospering ground with the seeds of innovation, technology, and power to imbibe the change. Any aspiring wishing to grow in the procurement industry should be ready to go with the above factors.


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