5 Ways Retail Companies Improving Performance Frontline Employees

5 Ways How Retail Companies are Improving Performance of Frontline Employees 2020

Posted on May 8, 2020 at 12:35 AM

The Innovations in technology are changing the way the traditional retail businesses were operating from their brick and mortar stores/shops for ages, the current innovations have disrupted the retail businesses by introducing remote buying concepts for the masses. Even in the past the buying and selling were happening remotely through telephone calls ever since the use of telephones become common, then through the emails, but most of the buying and selling was B2B (business to business). Now that there are global retail players like Walmart, Tesco, Amazon, etc. which have made the remote buying and selling very easy through their Web and Mobile App services.


Isn’t it the technology that could help?


1. Digital recruitment

Every HR knows that recruitment is very time taking and indeed also very important. First, you have to search for the right candidate whose profile is according to the requirements, he should have all the required skills. Will this be done manually, should he HRs go on the job portals and look for profiles one by one, and then select the desired candidates for the mailing or calling or is there any other way? One that keeps coming in the mind is to outsource this process, which many companies do, but that is bit costly, and you need to have full confidence in the recruitment firm to which you have outsourced, that they will be sending the best candidates to you, and another way is to do it yourself with the help of some technology which will help you in finding and pulling the profiles of the desired candidates, the system will not only select the profiles but will also mail or call the selected candidates so that they could be filtered, and selected for the screening call if they show interest. This will help in filtering those candidates that though look suitable but are not willing to switch their jobs for any good reason, you will be left with the data of only those candidates that are suitable and are interested in your company, thus, these candidates could be called for the screening round. 


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2. Digital Payroll Management

As you know that the Payroll is the financial part of the employee's reimbursement, his salary, allowances, deductions, his salary net and gross, payslip generation, etc. The payroll system is usually everywhere handled digitally, with the integration of biometric or smart card reading machines, that help in tracking the attendances and billable days/hours of the employees, these are integrated with the software that reads these details and helps in calculating the salary of each employee according to his salary structure, with the help of the employee self-service platforms it makes the work of HRs even more easy and accurate, the employee can apply for leaves view and download their salary slips and view their attendances, for this they will not have to mail or call HRs at all, hence HRs can concentrate on the more productive works.


 3. Digital Performance Management

Performance management is a tedious task that has to be carried out very effectively and considering all the details so that real performers can get the return they deserve. The HRs will have to gather the data related to the performance of all the employees. The Digital Performance Management system will make it easy to compile data in one place instantly. The Digital HRMs integrated with Digital Performance Management will make it quite easy to schedule the performance management to start at a particular day and time, workflows could be designed and assigned to the concerned person as who will rate what and how much weightage that will have, on what grounds every profile is to be measured/rated. Will the process be a 180 degree or 360-degree assessment, has to be decided by the HRs and policymakers of the company. Elite Mindz’s HRMS is one of the solutions that provide the above-listed requirements for digital performance management.


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4. Learning and Development

 Performance management is done in the right way could lead to another step in making the workforce better skilled for their jobs. After the performance management, the HRs will be able to know what are the gaps in the skillset of every employee, then, a decision could be taken to introduce the necessary skills to the employees through training. If training is to be done for some skillsets then there should be a measure to check what has been achieved for the training and development sessions, and what more needs to be done, this could be done only by measuring the skills for which the employees received training. This could be achieved through another digital integration to the HRMS, which is the Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS training and development system will be able to record and measure the skills of the employees earlier to training and after the training so that the company can know what has been achieved and what is remaining or what else is to be done. Elite Mindz’s LMS provides provision for the trainer to create and upload the content and tests which could be accessed by the trainees. The integration of LMS with the HRMS will help in making HRs live easy and their work more productive.


5. Reporting

HRs should have easy, instant and desired reports at their hand, so that, compiling those reports should not take much time and should be error-free, every organization is different and needs different reports, thus what is suggested is getting all those reports you need to be customized according to your requirements.



The competition also has risen due to the presence of local retailers in every country, as the completion is increasing day by day so are the expectations of the buyers, hence, it has become very important for these retail companies to provide a good customer experience. The buyers prefer those retail platforms that offer quality products with good customer service, repeat purchases from a platform will make the buyers loyal but only till the quality doesn’t diminish, such companies that keep up to the expectations of the buyers will be able to grow rapidly. To provide quality service to the end customers/buyers, these retail companies must have quality workforce/employees to meet the expectations of the customers. The challenge here is for the HRs of these companies to recruit quality workforce, and they also must put all their efforts to retain these employees and to always maintain a good ratio of the workforce in this high attrition environment, proper training of the necessary skills has to be provided to the new employees in time, and they must keep them motivated as well.



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