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Human Resource management now a days is done everywhere through use of technology, and is known by different names such as HRMS (Human Resource Management System), HRIS (Human Resource Information System), HCM (Human Capital Management System). HR management system includes both hardware and software systems, like biometric attendance system, sometimes RFID card readers and smart card readers are used to track the attendance of employees. The human resource software/application combines a number of systems that help in performing different HR functions, like maintaining database of employees, managing payroll, recruitment process and managing the workflows, performance assessment, benefits management, training management and keep track of attendances.

A good HRMS should be easy to use and maintain as it is to be used on daily basis and many reports will be required/accessed daily as per need by the HR executives or other stakeholders. The HRMS could be a module of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system), or could also be a standalone application either deployed on the local network of the organisation or on cloud. One of the most important features that will make Automated HR systems different from each other is reporting, the types and number of reports they generate, and good reporting will always help in strategic decision making, this is why we at Elite Mindz always pay special attention to reporting and how AI (artificial intelligence) could be incorporated to make decisions accurate and easy. We usually keep reporting as a separate module and develop is according to the needs of the clients because every organisation is different so are their needs and capacity to afford the customization and automation.

Staff Augmentation & Staffing Solution

Request for the resources could be posted by the department heads or by the authorised persons. The admin, after reviewing the requests can do manpower budgeting and this could be approved by a checker (as per the workflow). After the approval of the resource request, the recruitment department or the concerned person can create a JOB requisition and define the JOB description in detail, there is also a provision of integrating our application with the leading JOB portals who provide their APIs, for pulling the resumes of candidates who match the JOB criteria. The HR executive can call, mail the desired candidates about the job offer, and can mark the statuses of the calls and mails. The interviewers can receive a notification seeking their availability for the interview process. There is can also be a provision of the written tests, tests could be given to the candidates upon their arrival at the interview venue and admin can set a passing criteria for the test(s). Interview process could be defined for every JOB TITLE. Provision for every interviewer to login to the system and mark the results of every candidate by selecting their names. Provision for uploading the documents of the selected candidates.

Appraisal can also be handled through this system by reviewing the performance of each employee, our HRMS allows making of workflows where an administrative user can make a workflow allowing some users to be makers and some as checkers. In appraisal management system appraisal will be tied with the performance of each employee, we also call it as performance management system (PMS). The PMS allows 180 degree assessment where an employee is rated by his supervisors as well as by himself, every employee will be able to see who has given what rating to him and all their comments/reasons for giving such ratings. This will help in finding where an employee needs improvement. The PMS will help in deciding the appraisal of the employees and will also help in discovering the Training and development need of every employee and hence will help the organisation to develop its human capital by addressing those needs

Customer Relationship Management

Another important feature is employee tracking, by this I mean tracking of the sales force or the sales executives that are not present in the office usually and travel to clients’ places for sales demos etc. Such sales force could be tracked online through this application, of course, this will require hardware also, like mobile phones, and tracking application installed in each phone. You will be able to know

Reimbursement management system is also an important feature of the HR management system. Sales people and others who are registered in the system will be able apply for the reimbursement, the concerned person will be able to check the application and take a decision on reimbursement by either fully or partially accepting the application or they can even reject the reimbursement application. The applicants can see status of the application

Another important feature of the HRMS is the ESS (Employee Self Service) portal, from where the employees and view their details, like: attendance, salary, deductions, official holidays, leaves, and can also apply for leaves online line through this portal

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